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Oasis Oil Tools Co., Ltd, is a famous manufacturer which integrates the research and development, design, manufacture and sell water well screens/johnson screens, oil well screens and sand control well screens, bridge slotted well screens, pipe based well screens, perforated pipe (base pipe), gravel pre-packed well screens, wedge wire screens, passive water intake screens etc. water, oil and gas well filtering products as well steel tubes and pipes and industrial parts.
With imported fully automated computer numerical control equipment,Germany technology and advanced inspection methods, Oasis has developed more than 20 kinds of filtering products, the appearance and accuracy of which have a leading level at home and abroad.


Our main products include the stainless steel/carbon steel/duplex stainless steel  Wire Wrapped Screen, Johnson Type Screen, Pipe Base Screen, Perforated Pipe, Sand Control Screen, Slotted Casing, API/Stainless Steel Casing And Tubing, Passive Intake Screen, Spiral Bridge Slot Screen, Wedge Wire Filter Element, Sintered Mesh Filter Element, String Wound Filter Element, Stainless Steel Corrugated Filter Element, PP Melt-Blown Filter Element, Automatic Back Flushing Filter, Stainless Steel Basket Filter, T Type Filter, Y Type Filter.


Oasis products are widely used in water wells, oil wells, gas wells, coal field geology, hydrogeology, chemical geology, metallurgical geology, ground temperature 

air conditioning, foundation precipitation, water source development, urban water 

supply, agricultural irrigation, medical production, seawater desalination etc industry.

Oasis has the right to export well screens independently. Our water well screens have been exported to Russia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Bolivia, Senegal, Qatar etc. countries, and have received good feedback from customer at home and abroad.


Oasis person will still adhere to "A good screen makes a good well", "services to customers, satisfied with customers" business philosophy to get mutual development.
Oasis Oil Tools system | Oasis Oil Tools CMS