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Hub and Header Laterals screen, is assemblies of horizontal herring bone style wedge wire screen laterals and vertical secured round hub. The screen lateral has inherent even pattern, which is made of stainless steel, hastelloy alloy steel and other alloy steels. The screen lateral has various slot size, wire size and diameters to suit common or customized applications


wedge wire Hub and Header Laterals screen is easy to penetrate, having good wear-resisting and corrosion resistance. With Trapezoidal cross-section, even gap, stable welding quality, large opening area, long life time, high strength and high load capacity, it can be made into various shapes. The dimensions, wire diameter, slot and frame structure can be customized.


Taking the stainless steel wire tubular as the filter element of tube ladder can replace vintage pipes that perforated on the stainless steel pipe and then wrapped in polyester mesh sleeve. And this type of hub lateral is with big circulation area, water distribution uniformity, high mechanical strength, and other Mechanical properties have been greatly improved, like temperature resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. They can be designed according to the size of the resin. The especially popular application of hub lateral is in the mechanical filter, it also be used in current regeneration of the ion exchanger into the acid, base unit. In addition, we have hub laterals of ranked cross, fishbone-shaped, straight tubular and other forms for customers to choose.


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