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Each of the multiple line filters is a fully sealed independent system and suitable for porous coarse filter baskets. The cylinder will be installed in parallel and equipped with multiple pipes inlet and outlet included. Each line has inlet,outlet and blowdown valves. One time can open one valve. These high-capacity filters do not need to be cut off during maintenance. They are suitable for various operating conditions and have novel structures,convenient installation and maintenance.

2Principle and performance

The filter medium enters the filter from the inlet at the bottom of the equipment and is evenly distributed to every filter cartridge. The filtered impurities remaining on the outer surface of the filter element, pressure difference increased. When the pressure difference reaches to design requirements, the system will automatically backwash. During the backwashing process, a filter stops filtering work. Then the system closes the inlet valve and opens the drain outlet valve. The cleaning liquid enters the interior of the filter element from the corresponding outlet of the outlet pipe, thus flushing impurities into the drain outlet pipe and discharging them. The backwashing time for each filter cartridge is approximately 4-8 seconds. After all filter cartridges are flushed, the system pressure difference will return to the original state. Because the filter material of the filter element is a surface type stainless steel filter screen, its structural strength is relatively high. This filter has a small footprint, large flow, and a high degree of automation. And it can be tailored to different processes according to the user requirements.

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